Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners

Exceptional and quality service for our customers have always been a top priority for King Kleaners. We utilize a new technology in dry cleaning using an odorless, Eco-friendly washing solvent. Our customers can expect a process that is unsurpassed in soil removal. This new environmentally-friendly alternative cleaning system includes proven additives, high standards of consistency, and purity to deliver the same high quality results time and time again.

Environmentally Eco-Friendly Dry CleaningAdvantages of odorless, Eco-friendly solvent

  • Can be used with many sensitive fabrics and trim
  • Removes oil and grease (solvent soluble soil)
  • Aids in removing water-soluble soil with an effective detergent
  • Virtually odorless
  • Compatible with fabric-finish additives for restoring body to garments

At King Kleaners, we care about how we impact the health of our customers, environment and our employees. Finding new ways to continue to provide excellent cleaning performance and maintaining an earth-friendly business is a priority. Our decision to use Eco-friendly solvent in our cleaning process minimizes the effects to our environment. We switched to a more Eco-friendly alternative because of several factors that we determined to be more conducive to our vision of a healthier planet.

Product Environmental Profile

  • Residues remaining in soil and sediment largely biodegrades
  • Evaporation in the atmosphere occurs at a relatively rapid rate
  • Low water solubility which lessens impact on aquatic life and aquatic toxicity
  • Listed as a non-hazardous decomposition product

The safety of our employees is also a major concern for our business. All chemicals naturally made or synthetically manufactured must be handled with some extent of caution. At King Kleaners, we take the necessary steps to assure the cleaners we use provide peace of mind. Because Eco-friendly solvent has a low order of toxicity when in contact with the skin and does not injure eye tissue, we felt that this was a prudent decision to prevent any unneeded injuries to our valued employees. At King Kleaners, we always strive to give our customers the best experience possible. We will continue to look for alternatives that give value, integrity, and professionalism at the highest standards so that our reputation will be consistently known as the King of clean!

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