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Executive Shirt Service

We provide quality care to all your laundered shirts. We use an enzyme-based detergent that allows lower wash temperatures, which ensures your shirts keep their color longer. After we professionally press and hand touch-up each shirt, we ensure that there are no loose or cracked buttons. Our company will replace any button at no additional cost. We use collar boards, and clip the cuffs to guarantee the shirt doesn’t get wrinkled on its way to your closet.

Dry Cleaning

Unlike any other dry cleaner in the area, we are a full service dry cleaner. We offer exceptional services which include Dry Cleaning, 1st class shirt service, Wedding Gown Preservation, Shoe Repair, Alterations, Leather/Suede cleaning and repairs, Dry Carpet cleaning.

Our staff is all professionally trained and pays special attention to detail and always offer service with a smile.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Preserving wedding gowns and/or christening gowns requires professional expertise. We have professionals that start with a gentle cleaning from the top of the head-piece all the way to the tip of the train. This service also includes checking for loose threads and repairing them. To finish they pack it in a decorative keepsake box, which protects from elements and even the effects of time itself. Preservation is a special type of storage that helps prolong the life of a garment for years and years. When we preserve a garment, we are also preserving a memory.

Shoe Repair

Our shoe repair service consists of:

  • Replacing soles
  • Replacing heels
  • Custom color and dye
  • Shoe polishes and shines
  • Mending rips and tears
    And so much more!

Alteration Services

Trust the professionals at KING KLEANERS for professional alteration services. Our business is well known in the area for our quality tailoring.

If you are looking for someone to replace a zipper in your favorite pair of jeans or pants or you have problems fitting into anything you buy in the store, we can help you make those adjustments and more.

Available Alteration Services: hemming, zipper repair, waist in/out, seam repair, patches, buttons and snaps replacement, sleeve shortening and more.

Laundry Wash & Fold Service
Pickup & Delivery

Are you tired of spending your weekend doing laundry? Do you hate sitting in a laundromat for hours? Or do you just not have the time? Let our team of professionals wash and fold your laundry for you! Just drop off your bag of laundry at our store, one of our drop boxes or we will come pick it up and bring it back to you.

(810) 231-4059